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MMA Promoter Bond

Many states require that sports promoters file a sports promoter license surety bond before they can be licensed to promote sporting events in the state. Mixed martial arts bonds work like other surety bond types. Each MMA bond that’s issued functions as a legal contract that binds together three entities.

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Sports Promoter Surety Bond

A Sports Promoter Surety Bond is a license and permit surety bond required of those who promote sporting events in certain government jurisdictions. The bond

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A promoter surety bond is a form of insurance that is required in some states for any person or organization that organizes a sports event for boxing, wrestling, …

Texas Combative Sports Promoter Bond: Why You Need 2

Since 1941, Texas legislature has required combat sports promoters to hold surety bonds(more commonly known as Promoter Bonds) with …

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A new law in Kentucky, introduced on 04/11/2008, is related to sports promoter bonds. The new law, HB 684, demands promoters of kickboxing …

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On 06/13/2008, a new sports promoter law was enacted named HB 2633. The new … The bond must be from a surety licensed in the state.

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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires that the Texas Combative Sports Promoter Bond be on file with the Department and in the amount …

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A Texas Combative Sports Promoter Bond guarantees faithful performance of all duties as a combative sports promoter in the state of Texas. Combative Sports …

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COMBATIVE SPORTS PROMOTER LICENSE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS … BOND – At the time of licensure and each renewal, a promoter applicant must …

Texas Combative Sports Promoter License Bond

The Georgia Athlete Agent Regulatory Commission has required he obtainment of the Athlete Agent Surety Bond. The required bond amount is $10,000. This bond offers shoppers a peace of mind knowing that the athlete agent has been backed by a 3rd party surety firm. For momentary (ninety day) modification of part, see § 2(g) of New Convention Center Resort Emergency Modification Act of 2009 (D.C. Act 18-186, August 12, 2009, 56 DCR 6967). Sum Due: The sum is due within fifteen (15) days after default, to ensure reimbursement to the purchasers of tickets for the occasion, if the reimbursement of ticket holders is ordered by the Fee.

Submit crucial records and receipts. After the match is over, provide the state boxing commission with records of ticket gross sales and earnings following the event in order that they (or you) can calculate the quantity of tax you will want to pay for the event. The surety, which is the underwriting agency for the MMA promoter bond, backing up the principal. The College of Georgia abides by all NCAA rules as they affect the newbie standing of pupil-athletes.

For temporary (ninety day) amendment of part, see § 2081(c) of Fiscal Yr 2010 Budget Assist Second Emergency Act of 2009 (D.C. Act 18-207, October 15, 2009, fifty six DCR 8234). Bryan D McAllister, Skilled Licensing Supervisor, Department of Licensing, Skilled Athletics Department. Cash Transmitter Bond – Earlier than a money transmitter may be licensed they have to purchase a surety bond.

Council launched an ordinance to let the town situation bonds for as a lot as $80 million to cover the settlement, which was reached last month by state officers overseeing town’s funds. Council voted 7-0 on its first reading. Previous to reinstatement, any professional or beginner suspended for his or her medical safety shall satisfactorily go a medical examination upon the route of the Department. The examining doctor could require any needed medical procedures in the course of the examination.

American Surety Bonds Agency has quite a few applications in place for Promoters License Bonds. Our 5 tiered programs start at lower than 1% of the bond amount with competitive rates for all applicants. The product sales tax receipts bond, alternatively, solely guarantees that every one gross receipts taxes owed for promoted events will likely be paid.

For short-term (225 day) modification of section, see § 2 of Washington Conference Center Authority Oversight and Administration Continuity Short-term Modification Act of 2002 (D.C. Law 14-119, Might 2, 2002, legislation notification forty nine DCR 4394). Irrespective of the particular bond type, can approve ninety nine% of promoters looking to get bonded. The sort of bond is also called a sports promoter bond, boxing promoter license bond, combined martial arts bond, fight sports activities promoter bond, or a promoter license surety bond.